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It is with great pleasure that I introduced our agency, Life of Hope Foundation, changes lives by providing a permanent solution to help at-risk and homeless youth and rescuing them from the streets. Our primary goal is to reach out to our community especially the unemployed, youth in the shelter, high school students and the orphans all over the world. Providing educational awareness, support and help to those in need.

Hello, my name is Anike Stella Onile, founder of Life of Hope Foundation. My journey began when I visited a youth shelter and realized an increasingly level of crimes and high school dropouts among our youth. I was also shocked and saddened to witness the number of our youth who have University degree or College diploma, but are without a job. The less privileged in the world are neglected with no help or assistance from the government and when I visited orphanage centers in Nigeria tears trodden down my face due to lack of care. But, there is hope; we can help and give a hand of light. It calls for a new strategy, or perhaps a cry for help. Immediately, I knew that something must be done or someone must intervene on their behalf quickly. The youth needs to be rescued, given a hope or life skill in order to have a sustainable employment and be free of heavy reliance on government assistance. Yes, it’s our responsibility to care and help the poor.

“The orphans and the youth are part of our future generation, and need to know we care.  In order to contribute to the system, they need a basic education or life skills

At that time, I knew that the youth need a permanent solution, “a life skill”. In October 2011, Life of Hope Foundation in connection with Ministry of Labour Consultants organized a trade apprenticeship awareness program to help the unemployed youth and women in providing an awareness and mobilizing them into the trade. We developed an on-going Free Math & Science Tutoring programs for high school students experiencing difficulty in math to help ease admission to university, provide relief to their parents and to reduce the level of crime and high school dropout among the youth. In addition, we introduced on-going Youth-in-Transition program to help unemployed electrical undergraduate youth in Nigeria under the directives of Engineer Olu Ogunduyile; and called them “young Engineers” giving them internship admission, and by involving Nigerian government to fund amnesty program for trade skills.

“Life of Hope Foundation believes we all hold the power in our hands to bring light into the lives of those who need it and help them shine brightly for the world to see their true potentials

Despite these troubling realities, I am hopeful that your assistance and care will help the hungry, homeless and the vulnerable citizens of this great Country by giving them comfort and hope. There’s so much to do and so many to help, we need your help and assistance.
I will like to say thank you for your support and uplifting the poor.

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