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Enrich your life today as you help change the lives of our future generations. From fundraising to volunteering or event sponsorship; there are many ways you can have an impact on youth homelessness. The street is no place for a kid, as they struggle to survive; kids often fall victim to predators ready to exploit the young and desperate.

Please get involved, “give opportunity and hope”. Give kids something they never had before, “a chance”.


Life of Hope relies on a multitude of volunteers all over the world. We need your help by either donating your services; such as teachers and tutors for the kids in school, bricklayers, plumbers and electricians for trade skills. We also need help with our administrative support to do database entry, fundraising awareness and general help. Please contact us at if you want to volunteer or by filling out the online Volunteer registration form


We are in constant needs of corporate partnership to help in different ways. Corporations can enhance their corporate images in local and overseas by supporting in these areas:

• Workplace Giving: Create a corporate culture of generosity. Get involved in job training, internship for the new graduates, health care, educational and economic empowerment.
• Gift in Kind: Donate your surplus inventory such as books, clothing, linens, beds & mattress, used laptops and desktops for children and families in need.
• Service-in-Kind: offer your knowledge, skills, experiences and resources by volunteering to be a tutor, mentor or a trader.
• Job Prep: Help to train or provide real world experience or real career possibilities. Providing job training programs that put youth on the path to a rewarding career.


Please visit us at or contact us at or simply Donate Now


When you show our youth that you are on the journey with them, it has a life-changing effect on a young person. They only need one person to believe in them to take their first steps towards a bright future.

As a Good Samaritan monthly donor, you are making a commitment to kids that have been let down by so many of the adults in their lives. Often abused and abandoned by those who should love them most, perhaps poor parents or an orphan; they find themselves on the street utterly alone.

Either you helping with a One-Time Gift, Yearly Gift or Monthly Giving, you are making a lasting difference in the lives of our youth, and we can’t be thankful enough. “Thank you”.

•Teenagers and young ones are always hungry because they are growing rapidly. Please help feed the homeless with any amount for nothing is too little in our book and real life.
•Health Care – Compassionate care for immediate needs & chronic conditions. Please help provide free access to doctors on time and regular routine checkups
•Monthly giving help provide shelter – a warm & clean bed of their own makes kids safe and secure
•Educational Help – Helping kids finish high school / trade school prepare for a brighter future. Help sponsor their trade or school fees costs.


You can plan an event of any size, on whatever scale you feel comfortable. We are fortunate to receive proceeds from all kinds of community fundraisers, such as casual days, fashion shows, and bake sales, golf tournament and fitness challenge.

You can help kids at Life of Hope by organizing a fundraising event at your own office, with your friends or community group. It is also an opportunity to raise awareness about youth homelessness. You will feel good knowing that you are doing something to rescue thousands of kids from the street.

The amount you donate or raise doesn’t have to be huge, but every pennies count. In fact, every donation we receive matters because we are able to use it to change the lives of homeless kids on the street.

Please visit us at or contact us at or simply Donate Now

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