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Free After School Tutoring Programs

According to studies conducted by Jennifer Browne, Canada’s High School dropout rates are staggeringly high at an average of 14% and increase to as high as 50% or more in low-income family. When will factored COVID-19 into the equation with distance learning and disorganized schedules; then we have an issue to be addressed.

Maintaining the high quality of education and re-opening schools safely matters to everyone involved including Teachers, Parents, Students and Government.

Life of Hope Foundation are opening our doors to Grade 8-12 students that require additional help with Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics. All these services are offered free of charge to students having difficulty to cope and those from low-income family.

To run this program safely and smoothly, we have develop a comprehensive plan to keep kids and instructors safe; and all safety precautions are met including:

• Physical Distancing – With Individual Desk Separation

• Minimal Number of Students in Classroom

• Face Coverings – Required & Provided

• Hand Sanitizers – Provided at All Times

• Facility Cleaning – Highly Enhanced & Monitored

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