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What we do

There are estimated 65,000 homeless youth in Canada.  In Toronto, as many as 10,000 young people spend some time on the street every year and studies show that homeless youth are 11 times more likely to die young than their peers. Now imagine what is going on around the world. Life of Hope provided educational programs by making a positive difference in the lives of youth in crisis. Our programs includes but not limited to lists below:

Support for Youth in Low-Income Families

We provide on-going free Math & Science tutoring programs for high school students experiencing difficulty in math.
Boosting morale during the holiday season by supporting youth and their families in underprivileged communities.

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Trade Apprenticeship Skills & Awareness

Provide support, counselling and referral services to unemployed
Introduce “a life skill” by providing a permanent solution
Organized a workshop and provide trade skills awareness program to the youth
Working with trade school to deliver an approved training and certificate
Help new immigrants with background in construction, electrical, carpentry and mechanical retain their licence and certification and obtain Canada trade tickets
Help mobilize new immigrants to be able to bid in government contracts

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Youth Outreach Programs

Distributing awareness pamphlets to youth on the streets
Distributing sandwiches and water to homeless youth
Providing services awareness

International Youth in Transit Programs

Provide counselling, support and community education to young mothers
Involve the down-trodden and the less privileged in an apprenticeship programs
Help new university graduates with internship by liaison with corporation
Work with government out of Canada to approve and invest in youth future

Orphanage Support Worldwide

Providing scholarships to motherless kids
Funding educational fees and materials
Sponsor a child basic and educational needs
Supply food, clothing and basic necessities

Agency Support

Provide financial aid support to other agency
Donate clothes, food and basic supplies to other agency
Provide volunteers support to other agency

Medical Support Services

Help with medication costs and hospital bill for the poor
Sponsor treatments and surgery
Help with lab work and testing fees

Market Women Fund

Help with trade start-up costs
Help with equipment funding such as sewing machines, hair dryers, blending machines and so on
Funding for breeding such as chicken farms, goats and farm materials
Fund sellable goods such as rice and beans business, salt and so on
Help with trade initial signing costs directly to their masters such as hair dresser, bricklayers, seamstress, barber, baker and so on
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